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CASH BUYER FOR YOUR SHORT SALES + We Pay For The Negotiations With The Bank!

My name is Michael Washington and I'm with Distinct Real Estate Group. We are private investors who are buying
and selling homes in the Los Angeles area.

We're teaming up with real estate agents to work their short sales and help them sell pre-foreclosure homes
quickly while still receiving full commissions. Since we started doing this, we're helping agents succeed with deals
that they would have otherwise passed on and make them a whole lot more money in commissions.

One of the big issues we've found that agents have doing short sales is that they have to wait until they have
a buyer first to even submit a short sale. And once they find a buyer, it takes 2 1/2 to 3 months on average to
negotiate a short sale - in which time they'll often lose their buyer.

Meanwhile, the agent spends hours and hours of time collecting paperwork, submitting it, waiting on hold,
and actually negotiating with the lender just to have the lender negotiate their commission down and offer
the agent less than they earned ! And that's if they accept the offer !

Some agents use short sale services to negotiate for them so they don't have to deal with the headache - but the
services charge them or their seller money to negotiate the short sale. And even when working with services, they
still can't submit the short sale until they find a buyer.

When we team up with you to turn your short sale opportunities into big commission checks, there are no costs of
any kind to you or your seller. And we are the buyer so we can begin the negotiations immediately.
We won't be looking for an end-buyer until the short sale negotiations are well on their way to being complete so we won't lose the buyer along the way.

We take care of the hassles by handling all of the paperwork and handling the negotiations. That frees you up
to find and sell more houses but without having to pass up over-leveraged properties that can be good
money making opportunities for you.

In today's market, pre-foreclosure homes and short sales represent a massive opportunity for investors and agents,
but they are very difficult and time consuming to get. We want to work with you to capitalize on this opportunity
because this way we can work short sales, you get your commission, the homeowner can sell their house and
avoid foreclosure, and someone gets a great deal on a home.

So the question to you is .... Is this something that could work well for you ?

Please don't hesitate to call me for more details or to schedule a time to meet in person.

You can reach me on my cell @ 310-770-9023

Also check out my website ...

I look forward to speaking with you,

Michael Washington
Distinct Real Estate Group







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