emailFlyers LLC, dba emailFlyers.net, provides real estate property listing flyers to real estate agents. This is a targeted marketing service, realtor to realtor communication, where real estate agents can notify other real estate agents in their area of their property listings. Customers, upon ordering, are authorizing emailFlyers LLC to distribute their flyer via e-mail to other real estate professionals in their area.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

emailFlyers.net will refund your payment in full for any flyer that is not built within the guaranteed turnaround time. Our guaranteed turnaround time is 8 hours after receiving your payment and all photos. To request a refund, simply contact us using our Contact Form. and we will address your concerns asap.

Customers are prohibited from posting or transmitting to or from this website any unlawful, or other material that would violate any applicable law. Customers agree to only to post, send, and receive messages and material that are proper and, applicable, related to this particular service.

Customers who utilize or sign up for services agree to receive email communications from other agents using our service. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on our unsubscribe link in any email from us, or contacting us direct at contact@emailflyers.net. Your email address and/or personal information will never be shared with or sold to any third party.

Customers warrant that any images provided to emailFlyers LLC are the intellectual property of customer. emailFlyers LLC cannot be held responsible in the event any third party makes a claim that images were the intellectual property of third party and used without authorization.

List sizes are estimated and updated on a non-scheduled  basis.  Once a customer unsubscribes from the master list, we do not send to them again, even if the unsubscribe was from another agent's email flyer.  There is no way to guarantee or prove delivery for many emails.  They are simply in spam or blocked, and there is no way to know without researching computer logs.

emailFlyers LLC owns the design layout for its customers and will be the exclusive distributor of the customers' flyer. All content included on this site, such as text, graphics, logos, buttons, images, and software, not supplied by the customer is the property of emailFlyers LLC.

emailFlyers LLC provides a resource where real estate agents can notify other real estate agents of their property listings via email. emailFlyers LLC is fully compliant under existing US commercial electronic mail laws, and is fully compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

  1. At the top, middle and bottom of each emailFlyer sent by emailFlyers.net, a clear and evident unsubscribe link is available so recipients can opt out at anytime. In addition, by opting out, the recipient’s email is completely removed from the system within 24 hours. Should there be any technical issue, recipients can always contact emailFlyers.net via email or through the web-site and those issues will be addressed promptly. In addition we have an opt out page on our site.
  2. emailFlyers LLC physical mailing address is located at the bottom of every emailFlyer, as well as a contact email address.
  3. The From field of emailFlyers sent out by emailFlyers LLC always includes the company name, emailFlyers.net.
  4. The reply email for emailFlyers sent out by emailFlyers LLC is a valid email address that accepts all correspondence and remove requests.
  5. The email subject lines of emailFlyers sent by emailFlyers LLC are not misleading, non-deceptive, and clearly descriptive of the contents of the email, which is always relavant to the recipient's business.
  6. emailFlyers sent by emailFlyers LLC clearly state at the bottom that this is an agent to agent advertisement.
  7. emailFlyers LLC does NOT sell or distribute any personal or business information of any customers who order services through emailFlyers LLC, or any recipients who have opted out. All information including names, emails, addresses, and phone numbers, is strictly used as required by the agent, for their flyer. Customers who opt out are completely removed from the database.

emailFlyers LLC reserves the right to terminate a customer's access to any or all services at any time, without notice, for any reason.

emailFlyers LLC reserves the right at all times to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any applicable laws, regulation, or government request, or to edit, refuse to post or to remove any information, in whole or part, in sole discretion.

All registered users and customers of emailFlyers.net agree to receive flyers from other members using emailFlyers.net service.

All ordering cusomers agree to have their flyers listed on the emailFlyers.net web-site under the Recent emailFlyers section of the home page. The email address is removed from the flyers listed in this area of the site for privacy protection. The latest 20 flyers will be viewable on the home page, so the length of time that the recent flyers are viewable on the site could be less than 1 day, or up to a few days, depending on volume.

It is the customer's responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of login and password. Customers are solely responsible for any and all activities that occur under accounts. Customers agree to notify emailFlyers.net immediately of any potential unauthorized use of accounts.

Emailflyers ordered on the site contain links to third-party Web sites, such as Google maps, property virtual tours, or property MLS links. These linked sites are not under the control of emailFlyers.net. emailFlyers LLC has no responsibility and hereby expressly disclaim any liability, ownership and/or copyrights to or for the contents of any linked sites herein.

EmailFlyers LLC shall not be held responsible for unauthorized access to or alteration or interception of personal information or data, transmissions of other data, any material or data sent or received or not sent or received, or any transactions entered through emailFlyers.net.

Custom domain names ordered through Emailflyers.net will be registered by Emailflyers LLC, not the customer. Emailflyers.net retains all ownership of any custom domain ordered and is not responsible of any interruption in service or cancellation or expiration of the domain. Customer agrees to not use the domain for any unlawful activity.

emailFlyers LLC does not guarantee any type of response or successful leads on any emailFlyers that are sent through emailFlyers.net system. The response you receive will depend greatly on the property you are listing. The response success can vary greatly from one emailFlyer to another based on many variables, including but not limited to price and location.

emailFlyers LLC cannot be held responsible or accountable for any inconsistencies in emailFlyer send deliverability due to personal email filters, business, office or network filters, domain blocks and filters, or any other programs, software or configurations that may unexpectedly or knowingly limit email deliverability on the recipient end.

emailFlyers LLC makes no claim, and cannot be held accountable, that the list is a complete comprehensive list of agents for any individual area. Published lists are updated regularly, but not in real-time. List sizes also flucuate due to unsubscribes and subscribes.


These terms of use may be modified at any time, without notice. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the terms of use section on a regular basis so they are aware of any changes. If, for any reason, any part of this agreement is deemed legally improper, inapplicable or inoperative, the remainder shall remain legally proper, applicable and operable.

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