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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a re-send of an existing flyer?
Simply log in to your account. Go to My EmailFlyers and click the Edit/Re-Send link next to your flyer. Pricing is from $39 per county.
After checkout, your flyer will become editable, and you can then change any text or photos and approve for sending.

My account shows my flyer was sent out, but I did not receive my flyer in my email inbox. Why not?

It is important to check in your junk or spam mail folders in case your flyer went in there. Also, make certain both domains and are set as safe senders in your mail program, to ensure all our email goes to your inbox every time. Also known as whitelisting. Here is a link on how to do that, depending on what mail program you have.

How to whitelist us:

Do you have a phone number?
All inquiries are handled online for efficiency. We constantly monitor our email. If we are online, you can use the Live Help Chat for quickest results.

General Questions about the process?

How to create, design and send an email flyer

Can I send my own flyer?
Yes; it must be a property listing flyer (real estate for sale or lease). No exceptions. Go through the normal order process, inputting your property information.
On the 'Add Photos' page, scroll to the very bottom of the page and use the custom flyer upload link.

How much does it cost to send a flyer?
A full county send is only $49. Each additional county selected is $39. Resends are $39 per county.

Can I send to more than one county?
Yes, you can select additional counties for $39 each.

Can I send a flyer to promote my business, or any other type of non-property listing flyer?
We can only send agent-to-agent real estate property listing flyers, with actual real estate for sale, with no other forms of advertising allowed.

How do I access my flyer preview?
Login to your account and check the status of your flyer. Click here to login to your account.

How do I add, change or remove the send counties when I order a resend of an existing flyer?
After you login to your account and click the "resend this flyer" link, on the next screen you will see an "add/change" counties link at the top. Click that link to add / change / remove counties prior to checking out.

My flyer is showing an old logo and/or old agent photo. How do I update or remove them?
There are several ways. If you are in the middle of an order, whether it be a new order or a resend, you update your agent photo and logo on the Photo Upload Screen (the same page where you upload your property photos). This page is AFTER checkout, where you can continue to edit/preview your flyer before approving it for sending. Scroll to the bottom of your flyer on the photo upload page to remove/upload new agent photo/logo. This will update for all of your flyers instantly.

If you are not placing an order and just want to update or remove your agent logo and photo, you can login to your account and access any existing flyer that has been sent in the past. Login to your account, click MyEmailFlyers link on the left side, and click the EDIT FLYER button next to any flyer. Click the EDIT PHOTOS button at the top. Scroll to the bottom of your flyer to remove/upload new agent photo/logo. This will update for all of your flyers instantly.

I receive your flyers, but no photos display.
Due to internet security, many mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook block external images by default. You simply have to locate the setting to display the images. List of mail programs and steps to enable photos.

What photo formats can I upload?
You can upload the following formats: JPG (recommended), GIF, BMP, TIF. Minimum 500 pixels wide.

How many agents do you send the emailflyers to?
It varies with each area. Select your area from the home page to view the email list details.

I have successfuly paid for my order, but I either did not have a chance to upload my photos, or I want to upload them later. What do I do?
Simply log-in to your account, and click the 'My emailFlyers' link on the left side, and click the edit/view/approve link next to your flyer. On the next screen you can upload photos as well as edit your flyer details. There is no time limit; your order will remain active in the system for you to upload your photos and/or edit your flyer anytime in the future.

After my flyer has been approved, how do I verify if and when it was sent out?
There is a status field next to every order in your account. Just login to your account, and if the status says "Complete" next to your flyer order, that means your flyer has been sent out. Furthermore, there is a date/time column with a "last status date". The time and date listed under this column is the date and time your flyer was sent out. All times are Pacific time.

Can I order a pre-MLS or pre-construction property flyer?

Can I order a commercial property flyer?

Can I order a for sale by owner flyer?

Can I send my flyer to another state?
Yes. But it is more effective to send to the state the property is in.

How long does it take to create and send my emailflyer?
If you select 'Today' (not an option after 5pm PST or after 12pm PST Weekends), your flyer will send today. If you select a future date, your flyer will send around 9AM PST on that date.
If you need an order rushed, please contact us and let us know.

How do I contact customer support?
If your question is not addressed above, please use the contact form at the top. To streamline our service, and provide the most efficient response, we handle all inquiries online.





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